Our Certifications

The authorization certificate lists all the type approval certificates falling under the scope of our In-house Inspection Service (IS), approved by BAM in accordance with Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) in conjunction with subsection of ADR. The IS team is responsible for surveillance of manufacture, and initial inspection and test for all “Pi” marked valves.

International homologation

Product Series Type approval certificate no.
BMV-09 BAM-TPED-2016/005
BOWN-12/C BAM-TPED-2019/010
BOWN-12/N BAM-TPED-2019/011
BOWN-12/O BAM-TPED-2019/009
BSWN-12/D-30 + BAWN-12/D-30 + BSKN-12/D + BAKN-12/D BAM-TPED-2019-008
CAV-06 BAM-TPED-2013/011
HBA-10 + HBA-10/I + MBA-10 + VBA-10 + VBA-10/I + RBA-10/I BAM-TPED-2013-012
KHO-10 + KVO-10 +KHO-10/I + KVO-10/I BAM-TPED-2012/021
KHO-10/D + KVO-10/D BAM-TPED-2016/013
MYC-10C BAM-TPED-2012/003
PBN-12 BAM-TPED-2016/018
RWH-03 BAM-TPED-2015/006
SKN-12/C BAM-TPED-2016/011
SSWN-22/V + SSWN-22/V-S3 BAM-TPED-2018-003
SSWN-32/V BAM-TPED-2021/003
SWN-12/0 + SWN-12/N + TWN-12/0 + SWN-12/D + TWN-12/D BAM-TPED-2017-003
SWN-12/45 + IWN-12/45 BAM-TPED-2016/002
SWN-12/C + IWN-12/C BAM-TPED-2016/008
SWN-22 BAM-TPED-2015/007
SWN-22/V BAM-TPED-2017/008
TWH-03 BAM-TPED-2012/005

National Homologation

The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) is the Indian statutory body responsible for the approval of gas cylinders, valves and regulators. PESO appoints third party inspection agencies for prototype and batch-wise inspection of cylinder valves.
Our cylinders valves supplied for the Indian market are approved by PESO and duly inspected by BIS or Lloyds Register as per Indian or International standards.

Accredited Laboratory as per ISO 17025

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