Salient Design Features

Salient Design Features

Beyond Compliance...Towards Excellence.

What is the difference between meeting and exceeding? Between complying and outstanding? Between satisfactory and high quality?

The difference is in the mindset. The difference is in the detailing. The difference is in the core values.

This philosophy is reflected in how we design and manufacture cylinder valves, which comes from five decades of experience and learning from our mistakes. More importantly, it comes from our passion for improving, improvising, and innovating. To make our valves safer, sturdier, and stronger, believing in doing what is right rather than what is unfitting, appropriate rather than convenient, difficult rather than easy

We are pleased to showcase a few design features which make our products stand out because, Your Safety is valued...

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How A Valve Is Made




Our product certification epitomises our commitment as an industry leader in designing and manufacturing gas cylinder valves.

Design approval and testing are carried out by a third party to ensure compliance with the current national and international standards, keeping in mind that cylinder valves’ reliability and performance are critical for public safety.

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