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We are a world reputed and India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinder valves.

Our cylinder valves are designed to meet the most stringent global specifications. For 50 years, our name has been synonymous with superior quality, performance, safety, and trust in handling high pressure.

Our extensive in-house facilities are integrated, giving us flexibility and the capability to manage our production to exceed our customer’s expectations seamlessly.

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Our Cylinder Valves

We design and manufacture cylinder valves for a wide variety of applications. These applications require different operating devices, design of the operating mechanism, materials of construction, flow, and pressure rating. Products are classified under each application as per valve series representing a range of valves that share common statutory approval, design standard, materials, and performance characteristics.

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Customized Products

We take pride in offering customized engineering products to a wide range of industries, including gas control equipment, power, defense, and railways.

Our forging and machining shops are well equipped to forge and machine various materials like Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Bronze, and Monel as per customer drawing.

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Design Testing of Cylinder Valves

Compressed gases shipped in cylinders vary in their chemical composition and properties. Some are oxidizers, some flammable, and some inert. Gases vary in degrees of corrosivity, toxicity, and pressure. The cylinder valve's primary requirement is to be suitable for its intended use for public safety.

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Design requirements
The design parameters are specified for storage and operating temperature range, materials, dimensions, and connections.
Mechanical strength tests
These tests are designed to check the mechanical strength and consist of Proof Pressure, Hydraulic Burst, Mechanical Impact, and Valving torque.
Performance tests
These tests are designed to check the functionality and reliability in service. The tests include Excessive Torque, Leak tightness, Endurance, Flow Capacity, and Flame Impingement.
Chemical tests
These tests are designed to check the cylinder valve's resistance to corrosive atmosphere and stress corrosion cracking.
Special tests
These tests are designed for cylinder valves used in Oxygen and Acetylene service.

Salient Design Features

What is the difference between meeting and exceeding? Between complying and outstanding? Between satisfactory and high quality?

The difference is in the core values. The difference is in the mindset. The difference is in the details. These differences are perfectly reflected in how we design and build our gas cylinder valves. We are pleased to showcase some design features which make our cylinder valves stand out from others because, Your Safety is valued.

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