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Key Operated Metal Seated Valves in Single Spindle Compression Packed Design

Key Operated Metal Seated Valves in Single Spindle Compression Packed Design

Tekno Valves is pleased to showcase the fruition of two years of earnest development to make our industry safer & efficient by launching BSKM-21/O series cylinder valves for Industrial, Medical & Technical gases.

BSKM-21/O is a breakthrough metal seated, compression-packed valve design certified by BAM to EN ISO 10297:2017 & available with "Pi" mark. 

The new design, rated for a maximum WP-200 bar, is Oxygen tested for adiabatic compression. It offers up to FOUR times the service life compared to our IHO-06 series & similar metal seated compression-packed valves available globally by meeting the stringent 2000 cycles endurance test requirement under 240 bar test pressure without any increase in torque. 

Product innovation includes :

  • Self-centering spindle - Engages the valve seat by linear motion reducing abrasion & eliminating the need for an extra-long spindle in service.
  • Robust spindle threads - Provide resistance against seizing & galling, eliminating the need to use oversize spindles in service. 
  • High tensile valve body - For wear & impact resistance. 
  • Higher flow coefficient (Cv > 0.4) - For faster filling & evacuation.

BSKM-21/O is approved by PESO to IS 3224:2021 & supplied with ISI mark for the Indian market. 

* IS 3224:2021 supersedes IS 3224:2002 with an implementation deadline of 15th December 2023. 
  Contact us at [email protected] to know more about the changes in the new IS 3224:2021

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