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BOWN-12 receives PESO Approval

BOWN-12 receives PESO Approval

Tekno Valves is pleased to announce that BOWN-12 design Residual Pressure Valves has received PESO approval G3(40)27/2019 dated 21/12/2020 for Indian market for supply under Lloyd’s inspection.

About BOWN-12

BOWN-12 is a new generation Offline Residual Pressure Valve (RPV) with Non-Return Valve in BOWN-12 series, successfully tested to EN ISO 10297:2017 and EN ISO 15996:2017 standard. The design is certified by BAM Berlin to European Transportable Equipment Directive (TPED) 2010/35/EU and available with “Pi” mark, rated at maximum valve test pressure of 360 bar.

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Benefit of Residual Pressure Technology

The positive pressure ensures content purity and improves productivity in the cylinder fill operation by eliminating the need for purging of the cylinder. The Non-Return Valve (NRV) function in the Residual pressure device (RPD) prevents back flow of fluids into the cylinder from a higher-pressure source. The use of RPVs prevents moisture ingress and contamination in the cylinder which reduce potential for internal corrosion, improving cylinder life and improving safety.


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