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Gas Association Memberships - Collaboration Redefined

Published on 21-Feb-2022
Rohit Behani
Rohit Behani

Partner & CEO

The DNA of the gas equipment industry is global. The ability of our customers to transport gases is restricted geographically due to operational efficiency. However, the equipment manufacturers are not faced with this restriction as tanks, cylinders, or valves can be cost-effectively transported worldwide, creating opportunities and risks for the business. 

Hence the phrase "If you are not growing, you are declining" becomes even more relevant for a gas equipment manufacturer operating in the 21st century.  

The gas industry associations serve as the gateway to the global market for gas equipment used to store, control, and regulate gas flow. Some were founded more than 100 years back, and they serve as the industry's voice, focusing on safety and stewardship. Memberships in the Gas Associations gives the supplier's credibility and visibility among industry peers and customers. The association meetings offer valuable sponsorship opportunities for equipment manufacturers to promote their products and educate customers about the features. 

Through association activities, the gas industry professionals become a close-knit group who value relationships. Some bonds convert to lifelong personal friendships. In our case, the designers of this handbook, Studio Twine, a creative studio founded by a team of twin sisters, are daughters of our dear friends we made through our participation in Gas Associations. 

Our participation in the gas industry association started in 1975 when the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA) was founded. 

Tekno Valves became members of the Chlorine Institute Inc (CI) in 2004, Compressed Gas Association (CGA) in 2008, Gas and Welding Distributor Association in 2017 and International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA) in 2019. Each of these prestigious memberships has provided us with invaluable opportunities to network with customers and industry leaders. 

Gas industry associations create standards, technical and safety bulletins, and other best practice documents and guidelines for the industry and end-users to refer, follow and adapt. Participation in the meetings allows members to share knowledge and expertise with industry folks and help keep abreast of the latest development in the industry. The diverse meeting locations allow members to travel to new places and take some valuable time away to reflect, introspect and recharge.  The extraordinary camaraderie and cherished memories are often created over single malts after the business sessions.  No wonder the gas industry professionals are known for their appetite to drink and talk at length, fondly reminiscing past stories year after year. 

On a serious note, the gas industry associations serve as the industry's guardians and conscience keepers and every member, big or small, benefits from participation. The association helps keep the 
ego of the member companies in check. It makes the members realize that their organizations and industry are only as good as the public's perception at large. 

In conclusion, while the members compete with other members for business outside, they collaborate through industry associations to keep their people and products safe. The mantra for the industry through active participation is "Together we fail, together we succeed".

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