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Tekno Valves introduces TWH-03 series Stainless steel valves in Diaphragm design for high purity, toxic and corrosive gases


3rd Dec 2012 : Tekno valves becomes the first Indian valve manufacturer to offer its customers Stainless Steel valves for high purity, toxic and corrosive gas applications. The TWH-03 series is offered in SS-303 as well as SS-316L body with PA 66, PVDF, PCTFE and Vespel soft seating options. The design is certified to EN ISO 10297:2006 standard by BAM Berlin (BAM procedure DG-10-065) and available with “Pi 0589” mark in accordance with European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive, 2010/35/EU (Type approval certificate BAM-TPED/005). The valves are certified to a Working Pressure of 200 Bar (TP-240 Bar) which makes it suitable for CGA outlet connections having maximum rated pressure of 3000 psig.

Click here for product details of TWH-03

Click here for BAM Test Report of TWH-03

Click here for BAM Type Approval Certificate of TWH-03

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